3 ways to cut carrots!

Today I’m showing you three ways to cut carrots for salads. If, like me, you like salads and bowls and other healthy and nutritious meals with lots of raw vegetables, you know that sometimes you always end up with the same types of meals.

But just by cutting carrots or other vegetables differently, it gives more variety to your meals.

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Cut the carrots into thin strips

First of all, I suggest you a very simple way to cut your carrots: in thin strips.

To do this, I start by peeling my carrots with a peeler. I use my peeler from my partner brand, Triangle, which has a super thin blade and allows me to peel without any resistance.

Then, once the carrot is peeled, I simply continue to peel the carrot, turning it each time to obtain very thin strips.

These carrot slices are ideal in a salad and give an elegant touch. Because they are so thin, the carrot strips absorb the sauce well. They can also be marinated with olive oil and thyme, for example, before adding them to the salad.

Link to the Triangle peeler

Carrots cut with a peeler into thin strips

Cut the carrots in julienne

This is one of my favorite ways to cut carrots: julienne. Cutting into julienne means creating small carrot sticks, thin but still slightly crisp.

You can either cut the carrots into julienne strips by hand with a knife. I use my Triangle julienne cutter. It is a small tool that looks like a peeler except that it is notched. It is used as a peeler.

Carrots in julienne are great in salads because they add a touch of crunch. You can also easily add carrots cut in julienne in a wok or curry. Because of their size, they don’t need to cook for long.

Link to the Triangle julienne cutter

Carrots cut with a julienne

Cut the carrots in vichy style

I have always eaten well and everything, but if there was one thing I didn’t like as a child, it was vichy carrots: that is to say carrots cut in slices, in the shape of a wave and then cooked with butter and sugar.

Recently, I found my Triangle crinkle cutter that I normally use to make French fries. It reminded me of vichy carrots: “why not try the same shape but raw?”. So I simply peeled my carrots and cut them with my crinkle cutter.

These vichy carrots are quite crunchy and are very nice to serve on a salad or simply for a healthy snack withhummus.

Link to the Triangle crinkle cutter

Carrots cut with a wave-shaped vegetable slicer

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