How it all started…

It all started in March 2020… Like many of you, I found myself locked down at home and like many of you I also turned to the kitchen to make the time pass. I was able to try many recipes, especially those that require a lot of patience. I have never cooked as much as I did during that time and I haven’t stopped since!

That’s how the idea of creating this food blog came to me. Why not share my recipes, especially at a time when many of my friends are in the same situation of having the time to cook and are looking for new recipes.

Quick and healthy recipes

Having grown up in a French family, cooking has always been part of my life. My mother has always worked and still managed to cook delicious, healthy and 100% homemade meals every day. Therefore, it has always been obvious for me too: I have always preferred home-cooking above all else.

On the other hand, I started working myself, getting busier and busier and I realized that continuing to prepare homemade meals is becoming a challenge. But I never gave up! However, I remember spending hours looking for healthy, easy and quick recipes to optimize my time in the kitchen. With time, I think I have gained a lot of experience to be able to offer you in turn my favorite quick and healthy recipes.

Flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan at the same time!

As far as my diet is concerned, I am what we call today flexitarian. This means that I reduce my consumption of meat and animal products as much as possible, without giving up completely, at least for the time being. You will therefore find many vegetarian, pesco-vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Voyage, voyage

I was lucky enough to be able to travel to many countries both on holiday and in the course of my work. This gave me the opportunity to taste many new flavours and to discover new cooking techniques. How could I not want to be inspired by them afterwards? I especially fell in love with Asian countries and their different cuisines. So you will find a lot of recipes inspired by Asian cuisine and sometimes even fusion recipes.

Homemade Thai Red Curry Paste

Salut, hello, hallo !

Why a food blog translated into three languages? I am French and have been living in Germany for several years. Since I couldn’t decide to favour one language over the other, it was natural for me to translate my blog into both languages. And if I have to translate it once, why not translate it into English as well!

Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Bon appétit !