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Welcome to La Cuisine de Géraldine, a cooking blog created in 2020 by Géraldine Leverd with a collection of over 250 quick and easy recipes inspired by French and Mediterranean cuisine for healthy everyday cooking.

From the famous Tarte Tatin with Caramelized Onions, to Ratatouille, to a simplified version of Bouillabaisse, you’ll find both classics where Géraldine gives you lots of chef tips, and original recipes for discovering new flavors.

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All recipes are also available in English, French and German.

Our team

What began as a personal project and hobby has turned into a real team adventure! Meet our team:

Géraldine Leverd

Géraldine is the author and recipe creator of La Cuisine de Géraldine. French, she spent her childhood in Paris and now lives in Düsseldorf, Germany. Committed to simplicity and flavor, she transforms traditional dishes into healthier, easier-to-make alternatives, without compromising on taste or elegance.

Mechthild Arfert

Mechthild Arfert is the assistant food stylist and German translator of recipes for La Cuisine de Géraldine. Having fallen in love with France and its cuisine during her travels, Mechthild is also an excellent cook and assists Géraldine with recipe shoots. As the queen of organization, she is also in charge of many administrative tasks.

Technical team

Behind the creation and photography of the recipes, there’s also a team of freelancers who bring the blog to life. They work behind the scenes, but are essential to the success of this project!

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