My food photography equipment

This is one of the questions I get most often: what equipment do you use to photograph your recipes? So I reveal you in all honesty the material I use to realize the photos and videos of this blog.

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Since 2021, I have been shooting with my Sony Alpha 7iii, a mirrorless full frame camera. I also started shooting in 4k with my Sony Alpha 7iii (see in my Ratatouille recipe video).

For small videos or to shoot from another angle, I use a small camera, the Sony ZV-1, especially launched for vlogs, Youtube videos, TikTok or reels on Instagram.


I use 3 lenses for my food photography:

  • 85mm lens (Sony): This is my basic lens. The 85mm lens is the closest to the human eye. It is perfect, especially for frontal or 45° photography.(link below)
  • Macro 105 mm lens (Sigma): I still remember the day I took my first shot with my zoom lens. A revelation! The macro lens allows you to take pictures with a very nice bouquet and get the most beautiful details of each dish (link below)
  • 24-70mm Zoom Lens (Sigma): This is the lens I use by default when shooting and photographing at the same time, especially from above. It allows me to zoom in and zoom out on my recipe without adjusting the size of my tripod. A lens that has become indispensable to my work!(link below)

Be careful! If you use another camera than the Sony Alpha 7iii, I advise you to ask in stores or at a professional to know which lenses are the most adapted.


I have two kind of light that I use for different purpose.

  • Flash: I use my Godox AD600 pro flash to make my final shots. I love this light because it is very good quality and if you use it correctly, you can get similar results to natural light.
  • Continuous light: I use my continuous light for food videos. My Godox FV150 (or FV200) continuous light can also be used as a flash. Since I prefer my Godox AD600 pro flash, I don’t use it often as a flash but it can be a good light to start learning how to shoot with a flash. I use the continuous light mode to do my step by step photography during my video shoots.
  • Trigger: To connect my flash to my camera, I use a bluetooth trigger.

Other equipment

These are additional equipment that I use for my food photography:

  • Tripod: I use the Manfrotto tripod. This tripod is very stable and is what I need to make sure my camera stays in place. This tripod has an arm which I use for overhead shots.
  • Softbox: I use a large softbox that is easy to set up and dismantle because I shoot in my kitchen and need to set up my studio as quick as possible. Sometimes, I use the honeycomb grid to add more depth and shadows to my scene.


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