The Seasonal Box of La Sariette, a taste of Provence at home!

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The holidays are over and you already miss the South of France? Then I may have the solution for you! A few days ago, I received my first Seasonal Box of La Sariette.

It is a box filled with seasonal Provencal products from small local producers. As a French girl living abroad, in Germany, it was particularly heartwarming to discover the Seasonal Box of La Sariette and to taste a bit of Provence at home!

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The Seasonal Box of La Sariette, a little air of Provence at home!

How I met Sarah, founder of La Sariette

Behind La Sariette is Sarah, a young woman from Northern Germany who, 7 years ago, was attracted by the sun of Provence and settled in Pernes les Fontaines in the Vaucluse department.

Doesn’t that remind you of someone else? Yes, Sarah and I have one thing in common: we are both expatriates and our hearts beat for two countries, France and Germany. And that’s not the only thing we have in common: we are also both passionate about cooking and especially about good products.

When Sarah contacted me after discovering my recipes on my Instagram account and my blog, I immediately agreed to meet her and especially to discover her project, which corresponds completely to what I also wish to transmit through this blog.

The Seasonal Box of La Sariette, a little air of Provence at home!
Sarah, founder of La Sariette

The Seasonal Box of Sariette

What can you find on the La Sariette Online Shop?

On the Sariette, you will find many products, only from small local producers of Provence like extra virgin olive oil AOC, original vinegars including a vinegar with tomato and basil pulp, sweet and salty aperitif biscuits and many spreads for the aperitif as well.

Link to the online shop

How does the Seasonal Box work?

Every quarter of the year, Sarah selects seasonal products that she assembles in a box. The products are carefully packaged and supplied with a small explanatory note.

The delivery of the Season Box is possible in Metropolitan France, Germany, Austria and Belgium.

More information on delivery

For which occasion?

When I received my Seasonal Box and opened it, I immediately thought: this would make a perfect gift! The presentation is very nice, neat and makes you want to taste each product.

This box can also be ordered as a subscription: each quarter, you will be surprised by new products that you would certainly not have thought of buying for yourself.

In my box for example, I (re)discovered the calissons of Aix. These small confectionery made with almond paste and orange blossom. They are delicious and I wouldn’t have bought them on my own, so I’m super happy to have received them in my box!

The Seasonal Box of La Sariette, a little air of Provence at home!

Preview of my Season Box (autumn)

My Seasonal Box had an autumn theme, since I received it (in preview!) in September. I found :

  • Calissons d’Aix: small confectionery made from almond paste and orange blossom from Aix-en-Provence
  • Fig vinegar: I’m already looking forward to using it in salads because I love figs! But I have also heard that it is very tasty to season white fish. I’ll try it soon and let you know how it was!
  • Camargue salt with Provençal herbs: perfect to give a final touch to a dish of grilled vegetables
  • Olive oil with Nyons PDO olives: Nyons olives are small black olives. The olive oil made from these olives is very sweet and without bitterness.
  • A goat cheese and fig spread: serve on toast with my Roasted Fig and Burrata Salad

Does it make your mouth water? I strongly advise you to try this Seasonal Box, whatever the season!

Here you can order your Seasonal Box from La Sariette.

Little advice

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The Seasonal Box of La Sariette, a little air of Provence at home!

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